Asyad | Financial Investments
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Asyad’s Investment Division executes and manages the Group’s direct and indirect investments, both locally and worldwide. This includes both highly liquid assets and proprietary positions in actual companies.
The Group’s indirect investments comprise a portfolio of global equities, fixed income and private equity participation with leading financial institutions with whom the group has firmly established relationships. In addition to longer-term investments in mutual funds and closed joint stock companies, Asyad also actively trades equities with an eye on short- to mid-term returns.
Asyad’s direct investments range from real estate to aviation-related concerns,

both domestically and internationally, with a more recent focus on real estate deals based in Europe. The division has also successfully explored performance equity which involves investment in underperforming public companies which sell highly valued products, acquiring a seat on the company’s board of directors and using its expertise and influence to maximize the company’s value and stock price.
Having sourced a string of exciting and long-term profitable deals internationally, the division’s future plans are to bring other investment entities into the fold, introducing them to profitable deals while managing their investments.