Asyad | PPP Projects
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PPP Projects

Asyad PPP Vision:
1. “Build a robust PPP portfolio, generating an IRR of +10%, focused on availability-based transactions”
2. Strategic Initiatives:
1. Selectively bid for transaction which meet Asyad’s selected sectors, clients and internal risk matrix
2. build in-house capabilities in structuring, financial modeling, debt arranging and overall transaction development
3. Develop and implement a process which covers the lifecycle of the project (deal pipeline, structuring, bid, financial close,
construction, operations, refinance, and exits when applicable)

• Asyad took a strategic decision in 2015 to pursue the PPP initiatives in the Saudi Arabia, before the announced 2030 Vision
• Asyad got involved in availability based RE transaction in 2012, by winning a bid a acquire both BAE residential compounds in Riyad and
AlKhobar, it was a buy and lease back transaction with a tenure of 15 years backed the BAE systems corporate guarantee, total value is
SAR 2.75 Billion, Asyad acquired 50% of both assets and later divested the Riyadh compound to the KIA
• We then pursued both the Private Aviation and Tiaf Airport bids and managed to win both
• Asyad was also successful in securing Aramco EW Pipeline Residential BOOT, now in financial close stage

• Asyad in 2019 is bidded for Haradh and Wudayhi – Residential Compounds and Industrial Facilities Project
• In 2020 we will only bid for the Tanajib Residential Compound project, Dentons legal advisors, KPMG financial advisors