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Asyad Holding’s Private Equity division oversees a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries as well as joint-ventures operating in diverse sectors of the economy. The portfolio has broadened its profile considerably to include companies in healthcare, including hospitals, food services, energy, infrastructure, textiles, oil products, media and telecom and IT. The PE portfolio contains both acquisitions and Asyad-founded greenfield companies. Asyad Holding’s primary aim is to add value to the companies in its portfolio and to develop a core group of companies that serve as the portfolio’s foundation. All transactions take place only after a process of due diligence that measures risk while identifying catalysts for increasing value. Potential acquisitions are analyzed in light of a company’s existing profitability, its potential for profitability based on operational guidance,

its synergy with Asyad companies and, in specific cases, the possibility of merging it with other Asyad properties. The ultimate goal is to maximize value by driving improved operational results via increased productivity, efficiency and value.
Although Asyad’s PE holdings operate in very different business sectors, executives ensure through ongoing analysis that each and every company meets common international standards in terms of governance, transparency and best practices. Asyad manages the companies in its portfolio by forming effective boards of directors and installing company management capable of steering the company toward the achievement of its goals.








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Mobile Application & Services

A “Class 1” general construction company and a leading name in Saudi Arabia’s construction industry, FCI was originally established in 1987 and, since then, has built an impressive track record of projects, including Al Safi Farms in Kharj, numerous projects for the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA), Al-Arabi Bank headquarters in Jeddah, the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Hotel in Makkah and the Buraida and Madinah sport stadiums. One of the best-known construction companies in Saudi Arabia, FCI is dedicated to providing the best in construction for the development of Saudi Arabia and creating a legacy of quality.

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A specialized company in power generation and attendant services, engineering and industrial services and energy solutions for the chemical, environmental and water treatment sectors. Employing the skills of highly trained technicians, engineers, business analysts and strategic professionals, ATTS is today a major player in the field of energy, gas turbine and power plant services, IPP operated on HFO or diesel engines, spare parts supply, fuel additives, water treatment, environmental solutions and engineering services.
ATTS owns and operates a 10,000sqm workshop facility, fully equipped to execute major overhauls, assembly processes, calibration of injectors and pumps, and repair services. ATTS also maintains a warehouse of spare parts.
Based in Saudi Arabia, ATTS handles projects across the Kingdom and operates in business-partnership with some of the top international companies in the power and services industry.

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Tijari Telecom has partnered with some of the best-known names in local and regional mobile telephone services, building a reputation as a savvy mobile applications developer and publisher that excels at identifying the needs of Arab users and developing apps and services that keenly meet those needs. Tijari has become a leading VAS (value-added services) provider to the mobile telephone sector, a content-provider for mobile devices, an RBT designer and website builder with projects that span not just the region but the entire world.

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Established in 1979, Khayala is a retail tailoring outlet, specializing in exclusive designer Saudi men’s wear. It sells unique materials from local and international suppliers including its sister company, Tessuti Italiano, for bespoke men’s clothing. Currently, Al-Khayala operates five showrooms in Jeddah and Makkah, four in Riyadh and one in Al Khobar as well as a state of the art tailoring factory located in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) near Rabigh. As upscale traditional apparel has become increasingly important in Saudi Arabia’s business and social milieu, Khayala has expanded to meet the need for the perfect look and the perfect fit.

Tessuti Italiano was established in 1997 as a wholesaler and manufacturer of textiles and accessories for the traditional Saudi thobe. Tessuti pioneered the concept of branding designer quality thobes, shomaghs and ghutras, and today is the market leader in the premium segment in Saudi Arabia, with some 40% of that market. Tessuti is the sole agent in the region for wool, textiles and headgear from the internationally renowned designer fashion houses Valentino, Ferre, Marzotti and Zegna.

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The Siraj Sanad brand is named after one of the most famous Saudi designers of traditional clothing of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Siraj Sanad is known for his elegant innovations, and is the preferred designer and tailor for Saudi royalty. Siraj is known as the designer of the Janadria festival, the Saudi Olympic team, and famous Saudi celebrities such as Mohamed Abdu, Rabih Saqr, and Abady Aljohar. This high-end market is growing and the Siraj Sanad brand continues to expand to meet demand.

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With the expansion of the Saudi healthcare market and the increased role of private providers in the healthcare system, Al Ettisam was founded to build and operate hospitals and clinics. With a solid management team and extensive knowledge of the local market and regulations, Al Ettisam is currently at work on a 200-bed specialty hospital in Jeddah with plans to replicate the efficiency of its planning and construction around the Kingdom.

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SNC supports global defense companies through the delivery of innovative solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in delivering state-of-the-art systems including the C4I System, Mission Planning System, Electronics Warfare Center & Training, Air Defense System, Land System and Large Scale ERP solutions (IT & Security). As a System Integrator, SNC specialises in the delivery, installation and long-term maintenance of operation command and control systems, surveillance radar and ground-based support systems.

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Located in Qassim, Saudi Arabia, Deef’s pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities produce a variety of over-the-counter treatments in varying forms — antiseptics, oral liquids, semi-solid and oral solid dosage forms – for distribution throughout the MENA region. With ISO certification of its manufacturing facilities and solid relationships with distributors around the region, Deef brand multivitamins and minerals, analgesics and antipyretics, pulmonics, gastrointestinal drugs, anti-histamines, appetite stimulants and disinfectants and antiseptics are well-known and popular remedies across MENA.

On the cusp of an international culinary boom in Saudi Arabia, Almathaaq is responsible for many of the most exciting new restaurants to open in the cosmopolitan Red Sea port of Jeddah. Adapting international cuisines to local tastes and providing a comfortably hip and casual atmosphere, Almathaaq’s formula for success derives from its stakeholders’ extensive experience in retail, F&B and investment banking leveraged to build a solid foundation with a scalable platform to ensure and maximize success.

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Founded in 2012 and based in Riyadh, Kayanat develops, owns and manages shopping malls and other large projects in retail, entertainment and hospitality. Kayanat is currently working on Addiriyah Festival City in suburban Riyadh, a sprawling complex that encompasses an opulently adorned shopping mall, an ice skating rink and an indoor snow bubble for sledding and other snow-related activities. Situated within 20km of Riyadh’s city center, the mall is expected to draw significant crowds to enjoy its unique and ornate architecture, endless shopping possibilities and family restaurants and entertainment venues.

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Dubai-based Barajoun Entertainment is world-renowned for its technical and artistic capacity to contribute to various visual media projects, including major Hollywood studio feature films, with animation and special effects. Barajoun produced the soon-to-be-released animated feature, Bilal, and has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline.

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ISE is the leader in providing integrated value-added solutions and services for the A & D and public sectors in Saudi Arabia. The company has been an integral part of many large-scale strategic programs in the Aerospace and Defense sector, such as the Peace Shield, SAWARI II, Peace Sentinel, King Fahad International Airport (KFIA), and Advanced Simulation Systems programs. ISE offers IT consultancy, project management support and operational support not only in the Aerospace and Defense sector but across numerous other industries.

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Founded in 1988 as an offset program company, AEC quickly became a national and regional leader in the field of avionics, forging a very strong relationship with the Saudi military to develop state-of-the-art digital systems designed to maximize national defense capabilities. While AEC proudly has become an integral part of the Saudi defense sector, it has diversified its operations to provide customized security and network solutions to ICT programs, renewable energy programs, healthcare programs, telecom programs and manufacturing. AEC partners with world leaders in aerospace and defense, ICT, energy, security and heath IT to offer products, services and solutions. With a team of engineers that includes 200 Saudis, AEC offers a full range of support that includes electronic repairs, logistics, engineering & development and manufacturing, ranging from Battlefield Command & Control Systems to the integration of healthcare infomatics. AEC enjoys a stellar reputation locally, regionally and internationally for efficient and accurate service with an eye on controlling costs.

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ULC was incorporated in 2012 to market a wide range of lubricants to both retail and industrial clients. At the same time that ULC was established, parent company Asyad Holding Group joined forces with Malaysia’s state oil company, Petronas, to form United Fuel Company LLC, which provides aviation fueling services at airports in Saudi Arabia. Soon after, an agreement was reached for ULC to be the exclusive distributor of Petronas products in the Kingdom. Starting in the first quarter of 2016, ULC began distribution of Petronas products that range from lubricants for automobiles to oils for industrial uses in Saudi Arabia. The products employ Petronas’s new Cooltech formulation that absorbs and transfers excessive heat from engine parts to prevent damage and maximize engine power.

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Wafi Energy Company (Wafi) is an operator of gas stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2013 in partnership with the founders of the first Saudi company to operate retail and car service gas stations across the Kingdom in 1957 under Tas’helat Group. With the new regulations in the industry the essential goal of Wafi was to provide international standard services in state of the art stations for consumers all over the Kingdom.
Today, Wafi operates a large number of service stations in prime locations across all regions of the kingdom. It continues to expand by realizing its development plans and transitioning today’s existing gas station services and standards into high-tech, customer service-oriented one-stop stations delivering the best and most convenient service to customers.

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Sabbar Creative Hub has partnered with some of the best-known names in local and regional mobile telephone services, building a reputation as a savvy mobile applications developer and publisher that excels at identifying the needs of Arab users and developing apps and services that keenly meet those needs. Sabbar has become a leading VAS (value-added services) provider to the mobile telephone sector, a content-provider for mobile devices, an RBT designer and website builder with projects that span not just the region but the entire world.

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